Monday, April 13, 2015

Mother's Day Sale on Portraits

This is a very special sale on medium sized portraits if you order by May 10, 2015. Prices for portraits 24-30 inches in size with one subject regular ap. $700 now only $500. With two subjects $600. Tax included. Canvas portraits come mounted on stretcher frames or can be rolled and shipped for mounting in your area at a picture framing store.  

Five Child Portraits Spring 2015

This recently completed commission of five sibling portraits made the mother
very happy. 

I painted working from assorted sized professional portraits dating from the 1960's that 
she provided me. Although she treasured them they looked too inconsistent in size and
 composition (some close-ups, some three quarter body shots) to display on the wall nicely together.

She had been looking for a way to have portraits of her children that worked nicely together.
We agreed on a rainbow effect colour scheme in medium tones and a size of 12"x 12." 
Now these grace the wall of her favourite room in her house where she can enjoy them every day.

One of the original photos.

Monday, January 26, 2015

New portrait commission completed January 2015!

Closeup of my latest Pop Art portrait which was
 commissioned by the lovely lady in the other portrait.
Here are the two canvasses hanging on my studio wall waiting for pickup.
 Each 24"x 24" portrait is mounted on deep gallery style stretcher

Detail shot showing my painterly style on key areas combined with the
boldly outlined colour fields.


The reference photo I used to create the painted portrait.

Since the pendant was hidden in the reference shot my
customer sent me this photo so I could include this
important piece of jewelery in the painting.

I am really please with how the portrait turned out considering
I only had this phone picture to work with.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fine Pop Art portraits created for you!

Come visit me and my gallery of work at my studio. Let's talk about how you can
 have your own Pop Art portraits created.
 Appointments or questions: Margaret at 416-655-4863.

One of my portrait commissions in my customer's home. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Art Show Photographs March 19, 2014

I photographed a very interestingly installed art show for at Open Studio in 401 Richmond Street this past Saturday.

Check out the rest of my photos of the show here:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dream Image Painting March 18, 2014

   Have you ever had a dream that was especially vivid and you felt there was a message in it for you to understand? Sometimes I have these types of dreams and I look up their meanings and find very interesting things. In this case I found out that dreams with light prominently featured in them are definitely message dreams. My dream was of a sunset that was bright and beautiful...the sky was filled with rich purple and shining gold. So much gold that it overflowed and fell to the ground, gold dust or liquid dripping through the branches of the bare tree. The meaning of gold flowing through your fingers means you have lost something that you treasured. The sunset is of course the end of something also. The tree in this case symbolizes to me a person who has a deep connection with trees, who I had a relationship with that ended a long time ago.  I felt the need to express this meaningful dream in paint...making it big at 36" x 48."
    A painting can mark a meaningful time in your life or express a mood you want to invoke in your home to balance out what is missing in your life. For example if you have a hectic work life you may want a serene orderly and spare painting on your wall where you relax. If your life feels too orderly and controlled you may be comfortable with a busy, energetic and elaborate painting.
   Contact me if you would like to commission a painting or purchase any from my collection.
A detail of the unfinished painting.

The tree before the gold fell on it.

Branch detail with gold.

The full painting still on the easel in my studio.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Art show installation for Kim Abramowitz March 2, 2014

Art therapist and painter Kim Abramowitz contacted me as a referral from artist Suzanne Metz, for whom I installed two shows and photographed a third. A mix of styles with figurative and geometric paintings and a full set of similar subject flower paintings can present a challenge in hanging a show. This was Kim's first show and she trusted me to hang it properly after seeing both of Suzanne's shows at the Wychwood Community Gallery, now known as the Peter McKendrick Gallery. I broke up the series of flowers a little by putting a single one on two other walls with other styles. I made sure the colours complemented from painting to painting and that the spacing and heights were mathematically and visually perfect. Kim was very pleased and got many, many complements on the show, which was a great success.
A mix of styles did not defeat me!

The happy artist with a few of her paintings.


Part of the In Bloom series, also sold at the show I installed for Kim.

Perfect flow of artworks.

Kim Abramowitz with my favorite painting of hers, Braided Up Do.
Contact Kim by email at
Contact Margaret for your art show hanging needs...see the info at the top.