Sunday, March 2, 2014

Art show installation for Kim Abramowitz March 2, 2014

Art therapist and painter Kim Abramowitz contacted me as a referral from artist Suzanne Metz, for whom I installed two shows and photographed a third. A mix of styles with figurative and geometric paintings and a full set of similar subject flower paintings can present a challenge in hanging a show. This was Kim's first show and she trusted me to hang it properly after seeing both of Suzanne's shows at the Wychwood Community Gallery, now known as the Peter McKendrick Gallery. I broke up the series of flowers a little by putting a single one on two other walls with other styles. I made sure the colours complemented from painting to painting and that the spacing and heights were mathematically and visually perfect. Kim was very pleased and got many, many complements on the show, which was a great success.
A mix of styles did not defeat me!

The happy artist with a few of her paintings.


Part of the In Bloom series, also sold at the show I installed for Kim.

Perfect flow of artworks.

Kim Abramowitz with my favorite painting of hers, Braided Up Do.
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